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KOTM 2Janice and Gordie 2018.JPG
KOTM 7 Maureen, Colin and Heather planni
Colin, with his wife Leah, and KOTM volu
kotm Gina and Marian preferred one.JPG
Maureen, Brian and Sue (1).JPG
Doug and Cheryl are KOTM life long frien
Bill and Marlene.png
Brian and Sue.png
Cathy's mom happy to celebrate kidney tr
Marilyn and Richard.png
Cathy, Tanara and Ryan.JPG
Janice and Graham (1).png
Paul & Nancy happy winners !.jpg
KOTM 7 Nicky, Kathy Shotten.JPG
KOTM 5 Katherine, Jen & Lois at bingo.JP
KOTM 2 Joan Hoffman.JPG
kotm Brian and Christine Parker.JPG
kotm Claire & Doug Sharpe's table.JPG
kotm Ernie re auction photo.JPG
KOTM 5 Carol  &.JPG
kotm Anne former President of KF BC.JPG
kotm Margaret's table 2020.JPG
KOTM Peter and Orysia.JPG
kotm Anita and Harold.JPG
KOTM 6 Michelle and Russ having fun toge
kotm Claire's table.JPG
kotm jen049_49 (2).JPG
Doug with Clowns Birbie & Smilie Recyle
Katherine and Jen 20 year lifers.JPG

Wow what great fun we had 

Want to see pictures of our 2020 Gala and thanks to our many donors and entertainment  

2020 Gala

Steve and Doreen Lifers,  modeling their
KOTM Marg.jpg